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Janoir, a life to paint, a film by Jérémy Zucchi and Emilie Souillot, 52 min, 2013, JPL Production and Cinaps TV with the support of the CNC, music: Emilie Souillot, Jérôme Bodon-Clair and Elodie Poirié, recorded at the Mikrokosm studio.

La Force de Résister, a film by Christelle Thomassin and Emilie Souillot, 1h26, 2012, produced by AFMD delegation of the Rhône, available on DVD.

Histoire(s) de Jazz: le Hot Club de Lyon, a film by Emilie Souillot, 52min, 2010, self-production, available on DVD.

“Building together, Chamarel lays the first bale of straw”, directed by Emilie Souillot, 9min20, produced by Chamarel, November 2015.

A 60-minute documentary film "Chamarel, a inhabitants' cooperative" was directed by Emilie Souillot in 2019, produced by Bas Canal Productions. Punctuated with interviews, this film tells the story of this project, from the initial choice to change life to the construction of responsible housing.

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