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“Interpretation/vocal technique and studio recording” course

Accompaniment of 4 singers over 2 days of 6 hours or 12 hours at the professional recording studio:Studio Tini (42).

  • 1st day, vocal coaching with Emilie Souillot:

    • Anchoring/vocal warm-up/breathing/vocal technique then each person will offer 2 pieces.

    • After listening, the song to record will be chosen (from your repertoire: covers or compositions)

    • Work on the piece (how to give depth to the song, know how to interpret it well, have fun while singing, know how to use the studio microphones, listen to yourself in a "control recording" and rework what needs to be improved. ..).

    • Sample recording of the chosen song.

  • 2nd day, vocal coaching in the morning with Emilie Souillot:

    • Anchoring/vocal warm-up/breathing

    • Repeating/adjusting the chosen song

    • Studio recording in the afternoon of the 4 songs chosen by each of the 4 participants with the sound technician from the Tini studio + personalized accompaniment by Emilie Souillot during the recording time.

You can come with your soundtrack in wav format on a USB key. If you wish to accompany yourself with your instrument to the studio, mastering the piece before the session is essential and informing us by email before the workshop which instrument you are bringing.
We have a professional piano available connected to a computer.
The mixing and mastering of your song will be carried out by the studio's sound technician a few days after the session. You will receive it online.

Rate :300€ (230€ for personalized support by Emilie Souillot for the 2 days + 70€ for recording and mixing).

Upcoming calendar for 2024

Place :Studio Tini in Malleval (42-Loire)

To reserve your weekends by email:

You will receive the registration form with all the information.

Capacity: 4 people per weekend (the course will not take place if 4 people are not registered).

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